Using find, xargs, and chmod commands

chmod does not change the permissions to all directories in a single command line without affecting the permissions of files and vice versa. How can I do that?

You must combine: find, xargs and chmod, for example:

Compiling Git in Debian GNU/Linux


Git is a distributed version control system, originally conceived and developed by Linus Torvald. Git has a great reputation due to its robustness, flexibility and efficiency. The Git development team adds new features at very fast rate then if your distribution is not updated with the latest features of Git you can compile it from the source code.

lftp behind a proxy

a href=””>lftp1 If you use lftp as ftp client and you want to connect to an ftp site, but a (Squid) proxy that is blocking the access then you can solve it by adding these options in

lftp: show hidden directories and files

Some ftp servers do not display by default hidden directories and files therefore lftp does not take care about them in certain operations, for example when trying to delete a directory that contains hidden files lftp throws the following error message: operation failed: 550 cannot delete directory: directory not empty (rm: Access failed: 550 Can't remove directory) To change this behavior.

Passive connections in ProFTPD

proftpd Passive ftp connections are very common when set behind a proxy or firewall. In a passive ftp connection, the client sends the PASV command to the server and is the server who selects a port at random and sends it to the client. We must configure directive PassivePorts in ProFTPD.

Listing directories, 7 practical examples


ls is a utility that list information for any file type including directories, by default (when not passed any option) ls displays the contents of the current (or specified) DIR no recursively, ordered alphabetically and ignoring the hidden files/directories.

Rename in mass

prename is a utility developed in Perl by Larry Wall (creator of the Perl language) and improved by Robin Barker, which allows you to rename in masses. prename finds all files whose name matches a pattern specified (REGEXP). This utility is part of the perl package in Debian GNU/Linux.