Ftp behind a proxy or firewall

If you can’t connect to ftp site due by ISP provider/Network restriction then it is recommended that you use an ftp client that implements the hftp Protocol

Two of the more robust and flexible clients that implement this Protocol are: lftp and gFTP

To connect to the server ftp using

lftp see: lftp a sophisticated ftp client – advanced options


  1. Install gFTP (the installation method depends on the distribution you are using)
  2. Start gFTP
  3. Go to the FTP-> Options menu (Ctrl o)
  4. In the Options window, go to HTTP
  5. Specify

    • gftp configuration behind of a proxy
    • -Proxy hostname: IP or name of the proxy server
    • -Proxy port: port of the proxy server, which go out the http connection, usually 3128
    • -Proxy username: user of the proxy server
    • -Proxy password: the user of the proxy server
    • -Check Use HTTP/1
  6. OK
  7. On the main screen to specify
    • connect to a site ftp behind a proxy or firewall
    • -Host: IP or hostname of the ftp server
    • -User: User ftp
    • -Pass: Password of the user of the proxy server
  8. Press Enter

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