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Concatenating RewriteCond

Apache HTTPDIf you want to concatenate RewriteCond with logical AND it is enough to put them one under the other view:

- Convert url to lower case using Apache HTTP

If you want to concatenate them with a logical OR then we must use the [OR] operator

Convert url to lower case using Apache HTTP

If your site respond to urls that contain uppercase and lowercase characters (the same page responds to urls: yourdomain.com/my-Url, yourdomain.com/my-url), taking into account SEO parameters that is not good since the search engines are case-sensitive so you'd have more than one page indexed with the same content. A trick you can use is to convert all urls to lowercase, so:

Debugging rewriting urls with mod_rewrite

If you are rewriting urls using mod_rewrite module and you think that all your rules and regular expressions are OK but do not work then you must take a look the following directives: