How to redirect from http to https in WordPress


Thanks to Let’s Encrypt and WordPress projects today is very easy to migrate your site from http to https (secure version of the HTTP protocol).

The following procedure also works for those sites that are behind a reverse proxy like NGINX and the connection between the proxy and the site is done via http, even if you cannot modify the web server configuration, lets see some concepts and definitions:

Manage WordPress from the command line


Tired to manage your sites from the browser, you feel more comfortable using the command line then WP-CLI is for you.

WP-CLI is a set of tools that allows you to manage your Wordpress sites without using the browser. With WP-CLI you can:

+ Install / upgrade Wordpress.
+ Install / update/enable/disable plug-ins.
+ Install / update / activate / deactivate themes.
+ Manage users.
+ Perform simple DB operations.
+ Manage comments.
+ Manage Wordpress multi-site installations.
+ Manage Wordpress options and more