10 questions and answers about WordPress


1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System developed in PHP and MySql with an architecture based on plugins and themes. WordPress is developed and maintained by hundreds of developers around the world.

2. Can I modify the source code of WordPress?

Yes, WordPress is distributed under the free license GPLv2 therefore can be used, modified and distributed freely.

3. Is WordPress free?

Yes, the core of WordPress is free.

4. Can I use WordPress to create my personal blog?

Yes, WordPress is developed to create, mainly, informational sites, but due to its architecture based on plugins and themes today WordPress is used in blogs, corporate sites, non-profit organizations, e-commerce sites,…

5. It is WordPress multi-language?

Yes, WordPress is available in several languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German,…

6. Can I create a multi language site using WordPress?

No, by default WordPress not allows create multi language site to achieve this you must use a plugin like Polylang

7. Is it advisable to change the core of WordPress?

Only if you want to contribute to the the core else you must find out if the functionality you want is already implemented by a plugin or in the other hand develop your own plugin.

8. What is the best way to modify a theme in WordPress?

If the theme is developed by third parties most advisable is to create a child theme so you can add your changes and at the same time stay updated with changes from the original theme, for this purpose you can use the Child Theme Configurator plugin.

If you make changes to the original theme you can not update it or if you update it then you will lose changes made by you.

9. Can you mention some sites using WordPress?

10. Can you mention some useful resources to get started in the world of WordPress?

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