Send email from the command line

EmailsendEmail is a tool developed in Perl without dependencies of external modules, which allows you to send emails from the command line, it is easy to use and rich in features.


$ sendEmail -f Sender [opciones]


-f: Sender
-t: Recipient
-cc: Carbon copy
-bcc: Blind carbon copy
-u: Subject
-s: SMTP server
-m: Message body
To see all the available options, type:

$ sendEmail --help


Send an email from sedlav to info with subject ‘Hello’ and message body ‘This is a test message’

sendEmail -f 'Yoander Valdés Rodríguez <>' -t  
-u 'Hello' -m 'this is a test message'  -s

Send an email as HTML with UTF-8 encoding and reading the body of the message from a file (.message).

sendEmail -f 'Yoander Valdés Rodríguez <>' -t -u "Hola"
-o message-file=.message message-charset=UTF-8 message-content-type=html

Further reading

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