Anonymous functions in PHP

With the release of version 5.3.0, PHP development team incorporated what are called anonymous functions or closure.

An anonymous function, as its name implies, is nothing more than a function that has no name and that can be used as a callback allowing greater elegance and readability of source code, it is also possible to assign an anonymous function to a variable as were another data PHP type. PHP internally converts this variable in an instance of the Closure class.

What is new in PHP 5.5?

In recent years the PHP community has made a great effort to improving and adding new features and functionality to this popular programming language in order to make it more attractive, functional and useful. With the release of PHP 5.5 have been introduced some features very expected by the developer community. Today LibreByte proposes to show everything new which brings PHP 5.5.

Compile php-5.6 with fpm support

On August 28 the PHP development team released version 5.6 which includes innovative features such as: functions with arguments variable using the operator , exponentiation operations by making use of the operator **, import functions and constants using the use keyword among others. Today LibreByte will show as compiling php-5.6 with fpm support.

Compile PHP-5.6 with Apache Worker support

A look at PHP-5.6

The Apache Worker implements a hybrid multi-process multi-threaded server allowing to serve a large number of requests per second using fewer resources than Prefork module then is a good option if your site is under heavy load. Other advantages of using Apache Worker is that it allows to create multi-threaded applications making use of pthreads extension

Install Alternative PHP Cache in CentOS

APC is a cache system which stores compiled PHP code, also allows to store user data allowing the web server to serve a greater number of requests per second, it's a worth noting that a wrong configuration of it can slow the response process, so it is important to adjust the cache parameters until finding the proper performance.

What is new in PHP 5.6?

A look at PHP-5.6
PHP is not a language that has been forgotten or abandoned, on the contrary it is in constant evolution and in this way its development team shown us with the latest release due PHP-5.6 adds new features that make more easy the development process

Compile PHP 7 on Debian 8


A look at PHP-5.6

On December 3 the PHP community released version 7 of this popular programming language considered to be one of the biggest updates in all history of PHP due the engine (Zend Engine) was refactored in order to achieve best performance.

Compile php 5.5 with apache prefork support

PHP 5.5 introduces new features and improves several existing ones but to make use of them in distributions such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora we should compile it because at the moment in which I write this article PHP 5.5 has not been included in official repositories today LibreByte will show how to compile PHP 5.5 on Debian GNU/Linux.