How to compile PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu 18.04

On November 28, 2019 the PHP development community released version 7.4, which incorporated new features, of which we mention some:

  • Typed properties
  • Arrow functions
  • Number separators
  • Weak references
  • Support for argon2i and argon2id

For a list of all changes see: Update to PHP 7.4


  • Update to the latest version of PHP
  • Get benefits from the latest language features
  • Correct errors from previous versions
  • Customize the installation process


This tutorial assumes that:

  • You have some knowledge about GNU/Linux
  • You have Ubuntu 18.04 installed
  • You are familiar with the command interpreter
  • You are familiar with the compilation process

Update your OS

$ sudo bash -c 'apt update && apt upgrade'


To compile/install PHP we will use the tool Butterfly Builder

Download Butterfly Builder

You can download Butterfly Builder from NotAbug o typing:

$ curl -# -LO

If you get an error about missing curl you can install it by

$ sudo apt -y curl


$ tar xzvf ubuntu18.04-php7.4.tar.gz

Change to butterfly-builder DIR

$ cd butterfly-builder

The available PHP version while writing this tutorial is 7.4.4. Set the configuration values int the build.ini file according to your needs.

databases="mysql sqlite postgre"

Download the digital signature for version 7.4.4 using the sigd tool, sigd uses the jq tool, install it by executing

$ sudo apt -y install jq

Exec sigd

$ ./sigd



Once the installation process is finished, put in your browser the IP of the server where the installation was executed http://IP:8080/info.php. See the post-install/ubuntu-builtin file for more details.

Ubuntu 18.04/PHP 7.4

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