Convert video file to watch on a DVD player


Some DVD player do not support video in high definition resolution then it is necessary to convert it to a supported format, so

* Look for your DVD player specifications
* Look at the details of the video file that you want to convert using MediaInfo
* Use a video conversion tool, in this case we will use avconv which is part of the Libav suite

The following example assumes that your DVD supports:

* Video mpeg4 simple profile format,
* mp3 audio format
* 720 frame size (width) by 576 (high).

Install Libav and libmp3lame on Debian GNU/Linux
$ sudo apt-get install libav-tools libmp3lame0
Perform the conversion
$ avconv -i fichero-origen -f avi -vtag divx -c:v mpeg4 -c:a libmp3lame -s:v 720x576 -aspect 16x9 -qscale 3 fichero-destino


-f, the destination file format, usually avconv guess the format from the extension of the destination file
-vtag, specifies that we will use fourcc divx video codec to mpeg4 (Simple Profile)
-c:v, video code that will be used during the conversion
-c:a, code of audio that we will use during the conversion
-s:v, the frame size
-aspect, aspect and ratio that will have the resulting file. Is recommended to be the same as the original file to achieve good picture quality
-qscale, value between 1-31. A value of 1 means that the resulting file will have the same quality as the original file

Further reading

– man avconv

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