VIM case sentive / insensitive search


How to make VIM insensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters in a search?

Vim by default is case sensitive but this behavior can be modified through the options: ignorecase, ic, noignorecase, noic or adding c to the search pattern

Note: If you are in insert mode you must press Esc to switch to Normal mode

Case insentive temporarily

:set ignorecase


:set ic

Case sensitive

:set noignorecase


:set noic

Using c


Find all words that contain category regardless of uppercase and lowercase letters

Case insensitive permanently

Edit the file /etc/vimrc (global) or ~/.vimrc (at the level of user) and add:

set ic


set ignorecase

Further reading

  • man vim
  • :help 'ignorecase', :help ignorecase
YouTube video

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