Find duplicated files in GNU/Linux

One of the easiest and safest ways to find duplicate files on GNU / Linux files is using the tool fdupes, fdupes find duplicate files comparing the file sizes, making a check MD5 followed by a byte to byte comparison.

You can install fdupes using following command:

Debian GNU/Linux

$ sudo apt-get install fdupes

CentOS/Fedora/RHEL/BLAG is necessary to use RPMForge

# yum -y install fdupes


fdupes [opciones] path

Some options:
-r: Performs a recursive search for all dir in path
-R: Performs a recursive lookup for directories given after the choice
-s: Follows symbolic links
-n: Does not check empty files


Recursive in b but not in a.

$ fdupes a -R b

Recursive search in a and b.

$ fdupes a -r b

Further reading

– man fdupes

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