Access the same content from 2 different locations of the file system

Today LibreByte brings a very interesting trick: how to access the same content from 2 different locations of the file system. If you have been installed an Apache HTTPD server to develop your web applications but want to have the files in your $HOME directory and at the same time want the document root would be at /var/www then we would follows this steps:

$ mkdir ~/www

Then we would add this line to the /etc/fstab file

/home/miusuario/www /var/www 	none 	bind

Then we execute

# mount -a

The 2 previous command links /home/miusuario/www and /var/www to the same content, allowing access to such content from both directions.

If you need that Apache has write access in a DIR within /var/www we should make use of ACL for it you can use acl-webdev script that allows you to easily set permissions so that your user name and the user under which runs the Apache can write in the wished DIR.

For example, you want that your username and the apache user can write to the dir /var/www/cache or /home/miusuario/www/cache then we execute the above script in the following way:

$ ./acl-webdev www/cache apache:apache

It is assumed that before running the above command you has downloaded the acl-webdev script and you given it execute permissions

Further readings

– man mount

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