lftp a sophisticated ftp client – directories handling

lftp: ftp client

In this part of this series we will learn how to deal with directories operations: create, download, upload and mirroring.

Creating remote directories

> mkdir dir1 dir2 dir3

Create the hierarchy, if it doesn’t exist (creates the directories dir1, gtk, php and projects if they don’t exist)

> mkdir -p projects/php/gtk/dir1

Deleting directories

> rm -r dir1 dir2 dir3

Download a directory (including subdirectories and files)

Download projects dir to the current local directory

> mirror projects

Download projects dir to the current local directory and rename it to projects-gtk

> mirror projects projects-gtk

Specify the local directory where you want to download it (note the slash at the end of the destination directory)

> mirror projects my-projects/

The behavior of mirror can be modified by options, some of the most important are:

  • -n: only includes newer files
  • -p: no keeps file permissions,let the ftp server set permissions
  • -R: Reverse mirror, upload instead of download
  • -i RX / -x RX: include / exclude files matching the pattern RX, RX is a regular expression.
  • An example: upload all jpeg files from projects directory, keeping the directory structure, whose names contain any number and its local versions are newer than the remote versions and the ftp server sets the file permissions.
    > mirror -Rnp -i '*[0-9]+*.jpeg'  projects

lftp a sophisticated ftp client, 3 (4)

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