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Change the state of package from automatic to manual

Debian GNU/Linux
I have installed the basic packages of the XFCE desktop, by typing:

$ sudo apt-get install xfce4

The above command installs some packages that I do not use as: Orage so I typed:

$ sudo apt-get purge orage
 The following packages will be REMOVED:
  orage* xfce4*
 Do you want to continue[Y/n]? y

P. Now every time I try to install an application apt-get show a message that there are packages that were installed automatically, and which are not required but they are essential packages to keep my desktop running correctly. How to resolve this?

R. You must change the state of those packages from automatic installation to manual installation by typing:

$ sudo apt-mark manual paquete1 paquete2  ...
Further reading

– man apt-mark

Compile php-5.6 with fpm support

On August 28 the PHP development team released version 5.6 which includes innovative features such as: functions with arguments variable using the operator , exponentiation operations by making use of the operator **, import functions and constants using the use keyword among others. Today LibreByte will show as compiling php-5.6 with fpm support.

Compile PHP-5.6 with Apache Worker support

A look at PHP-5.6

The Apache Worker implements a hybrid multi-process multi-threaded server allowing to serve a large number of requests per second using fewer resources than Prefork module then is a good option if your site is under heavy load. Other advantages of using Apache Worker is that it allows to create multi-threaded applications making use of pthreads extension

Install Alternative PHP Cache in CentOS

APC is a cache system which stores compiled PHP code, also allows to store user data allowing the web server to serve a greater number of requests per second, it's a worth noting that a wrong configuration of it can slow the response process, so it is important to adjust the cache parameters until finding the proper performance.

Compiling Git in Debian GNU/Linux


Git is a distributed version control system, originally conceived and developed by Linus Torvald. Git has a great reputation due to its robustness, flexibility and efficiency. The Git development team adds new features at very fast rate then if your distribution is not updated with the latest features of Git you can compile it from the source code.

Compile PHP 7 on Debian 8

A look at PHP-5.6

On December 3 the PHP community released version 7 of this popular programming language considered to be one of the biggest updates in all history of PHP due the engine (Zend Engine) was refactored in order to achieve best performance.